Making of CRSS 2012 calendar

CRSS earlier this year had placed order for the second time of hanging calendars from Hunan Loving Care Center in order to thank our benefactors and friends. These 1,800 plus calendars arrived on time in late October showing the working capability of the Loving Care Center. Their center-in-charge shared their making of the calendar with CRSS and said: “Most of our workers in the center are HIV affected people and they are finding joy and hope in their life when they see the end products in their hands. They felt they are still capable and continue to reshape their life. We as helpers can also experienced their mutual love and sharing of their life.”
Press here for all the details of the sharing:
Making of CRSS Calendar 2012-EN

The 2012 calendars will be sent to our benefactors and friends in batches in late November hopefully to be received in time before the year end.

2011-autumn-Hongjiang-calendar collate2