Rehabilitation of people affected by Leprosy (2009)

Feeding Program (in collaboration with Maryknoll CAL - Fr. Thomas Peyton)
  • Funding to supplement the daily food needs of leprosy affected patients
  • 3,912 patients from 64 different Leprosy rehabilitation centers in 11 provinces in China

Patient-Care Program (in collaboration with China Leprosy Service)
  • Personal care of daily needs of the leprosy affected patients
  • more than 1,000 patients in 18 different Leprosy rehabilitation centers in 10 provinces in China

Eye-Care Program
  • One mobile unit led by a Doctor to do eye surgery to leprosy affected people in the mountain villages. Funding for a clinic in south Guangdong to do eye-surgery
  • 1,000 leprosy affected people, nation wide

Feet-Care Program (in collaboration with Voluntariato Internationale per lo Sviluppo - Fr. Roberto Tonetto)
  • Protective shoes and prosthesis for leprosy affected people
  • 1500 pairs of protective shoes (special insole) for 1000 leprosy affected in 10 provinces

Indian Sister takes care of patient in Dajin Island