Our Logo

CRSS’ logo is based on two Chinese characters: “”, which means cooperation and union. “”, which means humanness and charity (you will need to flip the upper part of the Logo vertically plus rotate clockwise for 90 degree and with some imagination you will see the character).


At the top of the logo there is the character (man), which also looks like a roof, or a house (“Casa” Ricci).
At the bottom there are two “hands” helping each other. The two hands are giving and receiving. From the picture, it is difficult to differentiate which one receives and which one gives. Both of them are receiving, both are giving. They have two colours because they represent two different persons, groups, communities, cultures, nationalities, etc.
To become true human beings (
)we need each other, we need to cooperate with each other (), we need to practice humanity and charity (). We cannot become truly human beings alone, neglecting our neighbor,specially the poorest and those who suffer the most.
This is the main goal of Casa Ricci: To be a place and a “home” where different people can meet with each other and become community. A community where everybody gives and receives. A community of solidarity.