Formation and training (2009)

Hanzhong Training Center (in collaboration with China Leprosy Service)
  • Training workshop for those who begin to do wound-care in a leprosy center
  • One training course for 15 leprosy rehabilitation workers took place at the center (3 weeks) in Hanzhong city, Shaanxi province

On-site training and evaluation (in collaboration with Fr. Roberto Tonetto of Voluntariato Internationale per lo Sviluppo)
  • A mobile team visited all CRSS-CLS leprosy rehabilitation centers to offer on-site training and evaluate the service offered by our collaborators
  • The mobile team visit all the 18 centers where we have the patient-care program and sixty-one collaborators who serve in these centers benefited for this program

Workshop on Personal Spiritual growth
  • Four 8-day workshops offered to all our collaborators
  • Around 50 co-workers took part in these workshops during 2009 in Malong, Yunnan province; Dechang, Sichuan province and Hongjiang, Hunan province

Workshops on team building and communication
  • One 5-day workshop to improve self-knowledge and communication to improve team-building
  • 14 CRSS’ co-workers and 14 members from our partner organizations in Lufeng, Yunnan province

Fr. Fernando and Bro. Francisco joined the trainees in the workshop on personal spiritual growth